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Holidays reduce the number of hockey players

GOT IT: Gabi Hicks and Angus Adams both tried to clear the ball on the hockey courts last Saturday. PHOTOS: Pam Zierk-Mahoney

Class C

Only a few C grade players were able to take to the pitch in their last game due to holidays and illness but this provided some great teamwork and passing opportunities with all players taking advantage of the extra space.

The Blues started the match stronger with Everly Webb’s wonderful passes to her forwards, but it was the Orange who scored the first goal after beautiful passes from Mila Webb and Billy Bathgate.

The Blues were undeterred after Ashley Pearce’s powerful shot and came back quickly. Mitchell Oberholzer had a strong game, tackling, passing and linking up well with his teammates.

Clay Sutton took advantage of a good opening game and scored his first goal after showing determination and perseverance, he was unlucky not to score at least two more goals, hitting the post and narrowly missing the goal.

Oliver Ridley was also one of the good players of the Blue-Navy team, he continued his good form this season by reading the game well and also passing the ball to the goal.

Lane Flett worked hard on both offense and defense, saving the Orange on several occasions with timely interventions, while Bhavnik Ravada also showed desperation in defense, putting his body on the line to prevent the Blue from scoring.

Toby Ridley worked hard for the Orange, positioning himself well to receive the ball in open space, and Taya Flett made some great tackles against much bigger opponents.

Billy Bathgate quickly scored two more goals to level the score at three-three. Issy Dodds tried to pass the ball to her forwards and Mila Webb came close to scoring but Ashley Pearce made a great save to keep the Orange in the lead.

All players should be proud of the effort they put forth.

Class B

Bibs got off to a hot start in the final round of Class B and it didn’t take long for him to open the scoring.

Ara Flett made no mistake in getting the ball onto his stick and slotting it into the net with a perfect position, continuing his goal scoring streak.

Zoe Bathgate followed immediately with a powerful strike from the top of the circle and Katie Jeffery also got into goal-scoring action after a powerful run towards the circle.

Sara Hannan and Culley Reynolds provided the balance in the Bobs defence, while Tom Belt used his strength, speed and skill to break through the Bibs defence and open the Bobs’ goal.

Xander Suter began to link up with Gabby Hicks and Alex Day and the Bobs began to get more opportunities on offense. The only thing that prevented the Bobs from making a comeback was the solid defense of Angus Adams.

Billy Bathgate made his B Grade debut and didn’t look out of place among the players in his age group, making some great runs down the wing and linking up with Chloe Pearce who had a strong game for Bibs and scored another goal after a great shot.

Class A

Mustangs 1 – Middy Mites 1

The Mustangs were pleased with the services of Katie Jeffery who played well and filled in from midfield. She linked up well with Grade B teammates Chloe Pearce and Zoe Bathgate and created plenty of opportunities for forwards Carly Adams and Gabby Hicks.

Kelly Flew also made some great runs but was unfortunate to see the ball escape him inside the hoop.

Mustangs’ defense featured strong performances from Michelle Post and Andrea Glynn, making it difficult for offense to get to the rim, while Xander Suter made some great, clean tackles to stop Middy Mites’ offense.

Middy Mites fielded ten players over the weekend, but were lucky enough to have Clare Arragon join the team during a surprise visit from Melbourne.

Clare settled into midfield and there was some great work done either side of Jane and Andrea Arragon to progress the ball up the pitch as they got used to playing on the grass again.

Leanne Kennan stepped up in goal and did a great job. Lyndal Hannan and Kerrie McDonald were strong at the back and the young forward line were excellent as usual. In Lily Rosetta’s absence Sara Hannan doubled as a winger and infielder, wearing herself out, while Charlotte Hannan got plenty of useful guidance from Lyndal and put herself in good positions.

Charlotte Kelly took advantage by consistently carrying the ball into the hoop and Amanda Kendall played with her usual skill and determination.

Amanda Kendall scored for the Middy Mites and was unfortunate to miss her second shot, while Chloe Pearce scored a great goal for the Mustangs, hitting the ball from the top of the circle and between the goalie pads and the goalpost.

The Wildcats forfeited their second game against the Quicksticks due to a lack of players.

There is a break in hockey tomorrow (Saturday, July 13) due to school holidays. Hockey will return on Saturday, July 20. There is no hockey training during school holidays. Hockey training will return on Friday, August 2 as there is another break on Saturday, July 27.