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New Martinsville Vintage Regatta Returns for 7th Year | News, Sports, Jobs

Downtown New Martinsville will be filled with fun, music, games and excitement as the 7th annual Vintage Regatta begins Saturday at the Famous Mile 127 Racetrack behind Dos Hermanos Mexican Restaurant on the banks of the Ohio River.

The fun and excitement begins at 10 a.m. on Saturday and continues until 5 p.m. on Sunday. Watch the sights and sounds of yesteryear take to the 127-mile racetrack. See some of the old-time favorites and hear firsthand stories from those who experienced the excitement in the early years. See some of the locals who are in attendance and are sure to put on a show for the hometown crowd.

The Cravens and Wiley families from Indiana are coming with several different boats ready to hit the water! S-12 “FOOL’S GOLD” With Rebecca driving, N-116 “DRIVING FORCE” Debbie was directed by H-202 “DIFFICULT TASK” It was piloted by Mark and lastly the F-23 “NE HOPPEN III” With Larry and Zach! This gang always puts on a great show for their fans and is always there to lend a helping hand! Can’t wait to welcome this crew to town! Please help us make them feel welcome on July 13-14!

The next vehicle on the registration list is our S-22 “Little Lightning” and F-726 “Flying Tiger” Run by the father and son duo of Mitch and Drew Herrick! These New Martinsville natives love nothing more than racing on the water in front of all their friends and family, right here at home! Flying Tiger is the 1984 National High Points Champion, as well as the 1984 National Champion with owner/driver Rod Zapf. After missing last year’s event due to an engine rebuild, Tiger is back and itching to get out on the water!

Among those traveling to New Martinsville are Dr. David Kappel and Mr. Charlie Kittel on their Lauterbach boat “I’M SCREAMING MEEMIE” E-132! This hull is propelled around the track by a 273 Plymouth engine. This is a beautiful hull that is always fun to watch on the water! Please help us get David and Charlie back to town.

Among those traveling to New Martinsville for our 7th annual regatta this July are Mark Lamontia and his 1971 Jones hull “Andiamo” S-185. This hull has won numerous championships and set several speed records throughout its history. Mark’s father Tony owned and raced the hull from 1981 until he sold it in 1987, and his son Mark bought it back in 2013 and had it restored by Andiamo. Mark has been active on the old track since the restoration was completed and is always fast and fun to watch on the water! Help us welcome the Lamontia family back to New Martinsville.

Dean Berry and everyone’s favorite pit buddy Moe will be making their return trip to New Martinsville this year! Dean, a 1978 Jon Staudacher production “BLUEWATER SPECIAL” J-1! This boat has won multiple national championships as well as multiple national high point champions! This boat is a beauty and once Dean’s setup is complete, it looks/sounds great on the water! Help us welcome Dean and Moe back to New Martinsville.

Making the trip to New Martinsville to tear up the 127th Mile race track will be Florida’s Doug Goddard with his Allison body “FAKE NEWS” 960! Doug and his outboard are always fun to watch as they are never far from the others in the heat! He makes every lap seem like a race to the finish! We can’t wait to see Doug and his crew back here July 13-14 for our 7th annual regatta! Help us bring this crew back to New Martinsville!

Vintage Hydroplanes People, Space and Time Documentary Premiere

After more than four years of work, a small team of filmmakers has completed work on a documentary that brings together the story of inboard hydroplane racing and the role of the small town of New Martinsville, West Virginia. The story follows the ascending arc of post-World War 11 American history, marked by economic dynamism, scientific and technical achievement, and social change, all of which “Can do”The attitude instilled in the country by his astonishing success during the war. As the arc rose and began to fall, so did the fortunes of the sport, the town and the country.

This progress is the subject of a new film called Vintage Hydroplanes: People, Place, and Time.

The work of New Martinsville native and former hydroplane racer and boat owner Dr. David Kappel, tells the story of the town that grew up on the banks of the Ohio River, the emergence of hydroplane racing in the decades before World War 11, the golden age of racing in the 40s, 50s and 60s and the central role of the New Martinsville Regatta in that golden age. Then it covers the decline of the sport in the 80s and 90s, the economic hardships for the town and the country, and the emergence of the Vintage hydroplane movement in the early years of the 21st century and its resulting revival in what renowned hydroplane builder and driver Larry Lauterbach calls the “New Martinsville Regatta.” “the Holy Land” From Magnolia Yacht Club.

And the townspeople and boat drivers who lived this adventure share their thoughts on this storied past in interviews.

Working with archival film clips, photographs, graphics and contemporary footage of old rowing races, videographer Mara Ferris brings Gary Kappel’s script to life, with a dazzling score composed and arranged by Char Pope. The result is an hour-long journey into the sport’s bygone heyday and the renewed interest in the old movement, as well as the nostalgia it evokes in those who remember the roar of the engines, the rooster tails rising behind the boats, the camaraderie of the citizens of New Martinsville, the boat owners and drivers, and all those who were drawn to the river by the thrill of hydroplane racing.

The film will premiere at 6:30 p.m. Friday, July 12, at the Lincoln Theatre in New Martinsville. It will be available for free there and at the annual vintage regatta in Wheeling in late August.