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Fantasy baseball low buy candidates poised for second-half surge

Yahoo Fantasy analysts Scott Pianowski and Dalton Del Don are targeting several players who could find future value in midseason trades.

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Yahoo Fantasy Baseball.

Scott POW, Dalton, Del Don, Bilo are trying to find candidates.

It’s trade season and Fantasy Dalton is a potentially undervalued hitter right now.

There’s no denying that Julio Rodriguez is a huge disappointment.

He was a top-five pick in most Fantasy leagues, but was ranked outside the top 150 ahead of Tuesday’s big game.

But his contact metrics aren’t far off his career goals, and his expected batting average is actually the highest it’s ever been.

Rodriguez also looks like he’s only a second half player.

The player, who signed 730 op SS before the All-Star break, made 939 op SS after the break throughout his career.

He hit 34 home runs and a steal in just .289 at-bats after the all-star break last season, and he’s only 23 years old.

Rodriguez is poised for another breakout in the second half of this year.

Yes, I think it’s a great goal but generally the second half players are not very important, I look at that closely.

Another player who has the potential to be a better shot in the second half is Alex Bregman.

I think you can get it below market price right now.

Let me tell you about a jug that caught my attention.

Justin Seals is three years younger than RA.

The whip is under one of them.

This is perfect.

How did he get only one win in 13 games?

Chicago’s bullpen is a mess.

The attack was a bit lacking.

I think the attack will finally begin.

I don’t know if they will fix this bullpen but I have seen some ranking lists where the rest have steal stats like sp 25 or sp 30.

This is wrong.

If you can get him at the market price I see him at, he’ll be a top-20 player for the rest of the season. If you’re looking to bolster your roster in the second half, I think he’s a great target and the Cubs will probably be a semi-content.

So I don’t see any reason why Steel would have a hit count to worry about.

I think he will play the rest of the season and with luck he can easily win six or eight games in the second half.

Dalton, give me a closer who would be a good target right now.

Josh Hater has allowed four home runs in his last seven games, which is more than he allowed last season.

He has five tackles for loss and a modest 16 saves despite being selected as the second reliever in most fantasy drafts.

But Hater’s 4.05.

Well, it comes in at 1.99 Sierra, its best score in the last five years.

His K-walk percentage of 100 and 85 rank in the top three among qualified relief pitchers.

Hader has 63 strikeouts in 40 at-bats and his home runs are on the decline.

Houston is expected to provide more recovery opportunities going forward.

So the hater is currently a strong or weak candidate.

Yes, I like that most of the time it’s a situation where Houston is the one who gets unlucky with save opportunities on the winning team and then corrects the rudder.

Even if they don’t win the AL West this year, they will still be in the playoffs.

I think this is a good time to engage in hate speech about one of the worst teams in the American League.

This is Oakland.

We don’t know where they’ll play in the next few years.

Park is kind of a joke, but Zach Goff is no joke.

Now, his cut line is ugly right now.

This is an example of you not looking at the bigger picture.

I want you to look at what he’s been up to lately.

He has 10 home runs and 11 stolen bases in 71 games played over the last two weeks.

His shots were perfect.

3023, 8512.

No, the Athletics don’t have nine good hitters, I think they have three or four good hitters.

I think Gello will eventually be at the top of this roster.

Again, he was a very useful fantasy player as of the end of 2023.

If your opponents are overreacting to the bigger picture here and not seeing what a comeback Goff is making.

The juice category will come to the fore soon.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a quality player at second base.

Do not take the environment into consideration here.

Zach Gello can get you into the fantasy win circle in the second half.

I want you to look at a business right now.