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Oakland Ballers Baseball Team Launches Revolutionary Fan Ownership Model

The Oakland Ballers, a Pioneer League team created to fill the void left by the Oakland A’s departure at the end of this season, are addressing the issue of ownership in a way unlike any other in Major League Baseball: by involving fans in decision-making in an unprecedented way.

Despite the Green Bay Packers being the only publicly owned club in the four major sports leagues in North America, the idea of ​​fan ownership has always resonated with the cities and regions the clubs play in. Given the billions of dollars in revenue that leagues generate each season under tight control, reluctant to give up control not only over how individual clubs are run but also as a dynamic within the leagues, public ownership will likely never be on the agenda again.

On top of that, clubs and leagues are pressing for large public subsidies for new stadiums or major renovations to existing facilities. If they are not met, clubs may relocate.

With the A’s moving to Las Vegas, fans began to wonder if society had any control over their asset, the sports team.

The Oakland Ballers will disrupt how deep fan investment can be, not just in terms of owning a piece of a team, but also having a say in how it is run.

In a revolutionary approach, fans who invest in the Ballers will be entering into an ownership model unlike any seen in North American sports, which the club says includes “checks and balances over key team decisions, including where the team will be headquartered, changes to logos and branding, and even some front office hiring decisions.”

“Oakland is the latest example of a systemic problem with how professional sports teams are run in the United States,” said Bryan Carmel, co-founder of the Oakland Ballers. “Over the past 80 years, more than 30 teams have moved, leaving fans heartbroken and disempowered. Owners often hold fans hostage, demanding public money for new stadiums and, if they can’t get it, moving the team to another city willing to pay. Even if you’re not an Oakland sports fan, you understand our frustration as we all see something we love taken away for someone else’s gain. The Ballers believe there is a better way, and Oakland is the perfect place to make it happen. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new sports ownership model that we hope will be a positive change in the way things are done.”

Ballers’ crowdfunding effort, which is seeking “signs of interest,” complies with regulations under the Securities Act.

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