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Episode 6 Recap | The Ultimate Fighter: Team Grasso vs Team Shevchenko


Team Shevchenko heads to Lake Mead to relax and release all the tension that accumulated from the last training session.

Everyone enjoyed getting out of the house, returning to nature and calming down a bit, and said that this was exactly what the team needed.


Theocharis is referring to the tattoo on his left forearm, which is a sketch of the last photo of his girlfriend, who tragically died in August 2021.

Home video is released from Stratford, Ontario, Canada, where he visits his parents’ house, a small, rural community where hockey is clearly huge. He praises his parents and shows off the title belt he won in the first fight he got into after his girlfriend died.

A video of them together begins, and she talks about their relationship, superficially explaining what happened to him without going into too much detail for obvious reasons. She explains that one of the first people she called after his death was Elias Theodorou, who won the middleweight title at TUF: Nations and fought in the UFC for a few years before passing away in 2022 after battling cancer.

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“Those two were the closest people in my life at that point,” she says, seen in the footage sitting by the water in her Toronto home. “With depression comes anxiety. I would say I still struggle with anxiety on a daily basis. I’m not as depressed as I used to be — I’m actually a very happy individual — but it took a long time for all of this to get to this point.

“I had to talk to therapists to live a healthy lifestyle and know what makes me feel good,” he continues. “What makes me feel good is competing in mixed martial arts, training every day.

“I want everyone listening to this to know that there is always hope – you just have to find something that will empower you to be a better person. If you’ve been through a traumatic experience, it’s going to take a while. Everyone has their own process; you just have to find what works for you and what makes you happy.”