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LIV Golf star’s bizarre response to ‘competitiveness’ sparks heated debate at PGA

Jon Rahm reignites debate over whether LIV Golf or the PGA Tour is more competitive as he reflects on his poor season since signing £450m Saudi deal

Jon Rahm gives lukewarm response when asked if LIV’s poor form is to blame((LIV Golf)

Jon Rahm said the lack of form was not due to a lack of competition at LIV Golf.

The former world No. 1, a two-time major champion who has triumphed at the 2021 US Open and 2023 Masters, has been far from his best this year, having taken the controversial decision to quit the PGA Tour in December.

Rahm is yet to win against his Saudi-backed opponents, and the majors have been a source of disappointment. He finished T45 at Augusta, missed the cut at the PGA Championship and was forced to withdraw from the US Open with a foot infection.

As a result, he rated his season so far at six or seven out of 10, ahead of LIV Golf Andalucia in his home country of Spain, at the press conference. A journalist then asked: “Is there something less competitive about this format than before?”

Rahm replied: “No.” He was asked again: “So that’s what’s missing, isn’t it?” And once again he answered bluntly: “No.” The reporter continued to press the issue, probing: “What’s missing?”

“It’s not easy to win golf tournaments. I was so close. I just didn’t make it,” the 29-year-old replied. His comments reignited the LIV-PGA debate among fans.

One person claimed: “It should be easy to win in LIV tournaments, Jon. There are very few players who can compete in the PGA.” Another told him: “The answer is yes, LIV is much less competitive.”

“Haha, you can’t sit there and tell me LIV is just as competitive. You’re the LIV guy,” a third replied, while a fourth added: “Just because it doesn’t ‘feel’ like it’s less competitive doesn’t make it any less true. The results speak for themselves.”