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Chaos at Major Football Tournament in North Carolina as Fans and Players Brawl

A fight between fans and players at the end of the Copa America semifinal match between Colombia and Uruguay in Charlotte, North Carolina, cast a shadow over the highly anticipated soccer match on Wednesday.

Colombia won 1-0.

CBS News reported that players from both teams were kept on the field after the final whistle of the match.

However, the chaos also spilled over into the stands, and a scuffle broke out between Uruguayan players and fans of the Colombian team.

The footage shows drinks and punches being thrown:

USA Today reported that Uruguay forward Darwin Núñez was punched in the face by a fan while being arrested. He then struck another fan after he was released.

Uruguayan forward José María Giménez has called for better security measures, saying his teammates’ family members were being harassed by Colombian fans, Yahoo Sports reported.

Colombia will face Argentina in the final on Sunday in Miami, while Uruguay will face Canada for third place on Saturday in Charlotte.