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News Jul-10-2024


Named after the late S. Marcus Calloway, former chairman and majority shareholder of Rugby ATL, the 2024 S. Marcus Calloway Community Impact Award will be presented to a player who demonstrates passion, excellence and integrity on and off the field, inspires others to take action, is strong in character, helps those less fortunate and embodies the core values ​​of rugby while demonstrating solidarity, discipline and respect.

The selected athlete seeks to inspire action among their peers, is strong in character, comes to the aid of those less fortunate and fully embraces the core values ​​of rugby while demonstrating solidarity, dignity and respect.

This year’s S. Marcus Calloway Community Impact Award recipient will be be announced During the Championship on August 4, 2024.

Jake Turnbull – Anthem RC

Nonprofit choice: Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Jake captained Anthem RC, a young and inexperienced team that maintained high morale and energy despite 16 defeats in 18 games. continued confidence and leadership what was it In what will otherwise be a challenging season, the team is looking forward to the 2025 season and what they have built at Anthem RC.

Charlie Abel – Chicago Greyhounds

Nonprofit Choice: Paws Chicago

As the rugby coach of the South Side Irish rugby team, Abel became a community leader, achieving success on the field and positively influencing his players. South Coast Irish Rugby Club does not have Some other clubs in the region also have financial support. Most of these players difficult As their coach, Charlie constantly acts as a role model to his players, teaching them about life and rugby.

Sam Golla – Dallas Coyotes

Nonprofit Choice: Make a Wish in North Texas

After a successful rookie season, he was awarded the Major League Rugby Rookie of the Year award for 2023. Golla made his Test debut for the USA Eagles in a match against Romania in Bucharest in 2023.

Golla partnered with Slate River Systems Inc. to create “Sam’s Superstars.” In 2024, more than 160 underprivileged children and their families participated in Jackals games on behalf of Sam’s Superstars. They received gift bags and met Sam after the game To receive a signed poster.

Siaosi Mahoni – Houston SaberCats

Nonprofit Choice: Ronald McDonald House Charities

Despite being injured this season, Siaosi was the first to raise his hand. Whether it was helping with school visits, doing school charity auctions, grilling for kids at the Ronald McDonald House and our supporter groups or even helping with kids’ rugby related school projects, he was an inspiration to his CC teammates and the entire community.

Rick Rose – Miami Sharks

Nonprofit Choice: Malachi House

Demonstrating an outstanding commitment to education and community support, Rose motivates teammates and aspiring players whilst actively engaging with and encouraging others both inside and outside of rugby. Demonstrates a caring and concern for teammates, opponents and the community, actively supporting and encouraging others both inside and outside of rugby. related to Rugby.

Ben LeSage – New England Free Jacks

Nonprofit Choice: The Generosity of the Rose

LeSage ha ha have has become a leader efforts to give back and serve the community, led by many players. Established and organized volunteer partnerships with several charities,, Including Rose’s Bounty, a food pantry that benefits veterans. In the off-season, the team received a Merit Award from United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough for their efforts.

Ben regularly organised opportunities to get his teammates involved, for example, creating a rotating group of players who participated in the Prison Book Programme, which created reading lists and provided books to those in prison.

Harley Wheeler – NOLA Gold

Nonprofit Choice: The Generosity of the Rose

Harley Wheeler is a familiar and welcoming presence at youth events, actively participating and motivating others to get involved. His commitment to the community further proven Throughout his coaching endeavors, he played a key role in the inaugural season of the East Jefferson High School rugby team. Harley’s passion for rugby and dedication to mentoring young athletes serve as a powerful beacon of how much of an impact one individual can make. His tireless efforts have inspired countless others to follow in his footsteps, fostering a culture of giving back and supporting the next generation of players.

Calixto Martinez – Old Glory DC

Nonprofit Choice: Canadian Red Cross Wildfire Relief Funds

Callisto registered In the Registered Professional Forestry Specialist Program, he is furthering his professional career as a Professional Forester from his home in British Columbia by studying course modules when he returns home from rugby training. Calixto was also a member of the search and rescue team during He served in the Canadian Coast Guard and participated in rescue missions for those in need of assistance. related to Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Jason Damm – RFCLA

Nonprofit Choice: Shriners Children’s Hospital

As part of the initial leadership team, Jason delivered a weekly presentation to the playing group outlining our Team Values ​​for the 2024 Season. SocietyAccountability, Respect and Expression (CARE Values) developed by the leadership team and Jason led the charge by explaining in detail to the player group why these values ​​were chosen and how the players could live by and model them throughout the season.

Jason also acted as follows: Vice Captain And Captain He led by example on the pitch on numerous occasions throughout the season and consistently tried to get the best out of his teammates in the field.

Mikey Te’o – San Diego Legion

Nonprofit Choice: Imagine Rugby San Diego

He leads the program and positively impacts thousands of youth rugby players, boys and girls, in San Diego. His ability to share his love of the game with young people is unmatched and he believes in the power of sports to create positive change in the community. He is a valuable member of the team and community, always the first to lend a helping hand and always there for his teammates when needed most. He is quiet, modest and unassuming, never putting himself first and earns the respect of everyone.

He worked tireless hours within the youth community and led a team through the initial initiation procedures in 130 schools. met with these physical education teachers in these schools one in one I explained the Imagine Rugby Program in detail, how it works and how to coach and then personally involved in setting up and running these trainings and tournaments. He has positively impacted approximately 25,000 students in the San Diego area. These kids now have another sporting venue to follow that can lead them to a professional path in sports. At the same time, he brings communities together. His efforts for this program are why San Diego has the most kids playing rugby in the country.

Daniel Kriel – Seattle Sea Wolves

Nonprofits’ Choice: Happy Packages

Kriel, who received last year’s award, is always the first to lend a hand to help out in the local community; participating in the Special Olympics Polar Plunge, teaching rugby skills to children in Run with the Pack sessions before games, teaching rugby skills to children during a weekend at Starfire and coordinating hospital visits for sick children.

Dan Kriel and his wife Candice Kriel founded the non-profit organization Happy Packets, After Candice was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2021.

Through the Happy Bundles initiative, the Seawolves organization and players visited a hospital to give away toys and activities to sick children and to sign posters of the players. The Seawolves had 15 players and attended at the invitation of our head coach Dan.

Jeremiah Noaese – Utah Warriors

Nonprofit Choice: Lux Mundi Foundation

Jeremiah, who was unable to play after rehabbing from a season-ending injury, spent the entire 2024 season helping the Warriors community team with events and community projects.

Jeremiah was part of a group of players who spent significant time at Primary Children’s Hospital this season. They spent time getting to know the children and helping them find joy in the difficult times they are going through. They also visited a school belonging to the local Polynesian community, visit more schools so more kids could get to know Rugby and the Utah Warriors. He has achieved this this season by visiting many schools with his community team and being part of many fundraisers throughout the season.