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Boxing news 2024: Curtis Scott v Barry Hall fight, Anthony Mundine on former NRL player’s hopes

“He will never be ‘The Man.'”

That’s Anthony Mundine’s frank assessment of “green” Curtis Scott after the former NRL player demolished Barry Hall in Wollongong on Wednesday night.

Scott eliminated Hall quicker than Sonny Bill Williams and showed he has plenty of power in his right hand. His record stands at 3-0 and he displays the kind of power that could entice casual fans from the NRL landscape to take a look.

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Scott’s advertising campaign is in full swing as influential promoters No Limit search for their next Paul Gallen.

But Mundine believes someone needs to put the brakes on.

“They can’t overrate him after he beat Barry Hall and BJ Leilua. Let him beat Justis Huni or someone like that,” Mundine told Wide World of Sports.

Scott knocked out Hall in the first round. Main event

“We need to put things in perspective. But he looks hungry, he looks strong and he has power behind him but there are different levels to it and he won’t know who he is as a boxer until he gets into deep water.

“He definitely has the power, no doubt about that, but people hype him up by talking about him being a champion, I mean, come on. I need to see him more against better caliber fighters.

“He throws a lot of punches and loses his balance – he has a lot to learn. He’s still a rookie.

“But I see the hunger and the will in you. But when you fight someone who can fight and they fight back, then we’ll know.”

At the official press conference for fight week, Scott said Paul Gallen “wrote the book” on crossover boxing success and “made a motza out of this sport.”

Paul Gallen has officially retired. Getty

“I tell the truth and I try to entertain, because that’s the essence of this sport, to get butts in the seats, to entertain,” he said.

There is no doubting Gallen’s success in the ring after challenging for the Australian heavyweight title in 2021 and making millions from it.

But there is a strong case to be made that Mundine was the mastermind behind the NRL-to-boxing move and made $30 million in the process.

The former Dragons player said he understood what it meant for fighters to be promoted but said Scott was not the “money machine of the future”.

“I understand what they are doing. It is all about making money for them and they need another cash cow.

“But Curtis is not a moneymaker. He was a good football player, but he wasn’t great.

“He seems to have some talent in boxing, but he couldn’t beat anyone, brother. He beat football players.

Anthony Mundine fought Sven Ottke (right) for the IBF Super Middleweight title in his 11th professional bout in 2001. Getty

“In my third or fourth fight, I’ve fought world-rated guys. I wish him the best, but nobody’s going to be able to repeat what ‘The Man’ did, you know?

“There is no better crossover athlete than me. I am the best crossover athlete in the world in the history of sports.

“Especially the transition from rugby league to boxing. No Paul Gallen, no one. He was a bit of a crackpot but, bro, I’m number one and there’s sunshine in number two. Nobody can come close to him.

“Nobody has done what I have done. I have the score. I am a four-time champion technically and was a part-time boxer. When I left I was the best rugby league player in the world.”

Curtis Scott punches Dylan Walker in 2018. FOX Sports

Following Scott’s win, the former Storm and Raiders centre, who was de-registered by the NRL last year for domestic violence offences, said Sonny Bill Williams was naturally the logical next step for him.

Williams suffered the first defeat of his career in his last fight, when he was stopped by UFC legend Mark Hunt.

He was said to be in talks with Lucas Browne to return to the ring later this year, but Brown retired after being knocked out by Hemi Ahio.

Mundine said he was unsure about Williams’ ambitions in the ring. However, he was certain of one thing – if the two ever met in the ring, Williams would emerge victorious.

SBW vs Mark Hunt pre-match press conference.

Sonny-Bill Williams speaks at Mark Hunt’s pre-match press conference. Katherine Griffiths

“I’m not sure about SB but SB will definitely give him problems. SB has experience. Fundamentally he’s pretty solid,” Mundine said.

“SB has 10-12 fights and he’s not experienced, but he should beat Scott.

“No one can answer (whether he wants to fight or not) other than SB. I’m not sure if he still wants to fight, he’s happy to retire and live his life.

“That’s something the SB needs to answer for. I’m not sure where it stands in that regard.”