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Is Francis Ngannou the ‘Only Way’ That PFL Can Get Attention? Joe Rogan Reveals

Francis Ngannou hasn’t fought in MMA since January 2022. His last fight was a UFC heavyweight title defense. It feels like it happened years ago. Since then, he signed with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). But does the PFL need Ngannou to thrive?

Joe Rogan thinks so. He believes Ngannou might be PFL’s only chance for attention. “That’s probably the only way that PFL’s gonna get people to pay attention,” Rogan said.

Could Ngannou’s star power save the PFL? Is he their key to success? Let’s dive into what Rogan said and why Ngannou matters so much.

Will Ngannou light up PFL?

Since Ngannou’s victory over Ciryl Gane, his departure from the UFC has left the heavyweight division in chaos. Despite his absence from MMA, Ngannou hasn’t been idle. He signed with the PFL and began his pro boxing career. However, he’s yet to officially earn wins against boxing greats Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. Still, his name value remains high.

Joe Rogan believes Ngannou is crucial for the PFL’s success. On the Joe Rogan Experience, he said, “If the UFC went away, the PFL would probably take up the slack.” He added, “Right now, the only way an organisation could benefit — like PFL signed Francis. That’s probably the only way that PFL’s gonna get people to pay attention. You have to have someone like Francis.”

Interestingly, Ngannou is also set to take on a significant role in PFL Africa, launching in 2025. His goal as chairman will be to present African talent to a worldwide audience. Ngannou expressed his pride, saying, “I am so proud to give back to my homeland and to provide great content to a region with such a passionate and diverse fanbase.”

The PFL’s growth continues with these moves. Adding high-profile fighters and expanding into new regions could be the boost it needs. Rogan highlighted this potential, saying, “There’s this wild Brazilian dude over there who’s fcking dangerous… That guy’s fcking is dangerous. He’s huge and he can strike. He is the only guy (Ngannou can fight).”

With Rogan’s insights and Ngannou’s involvement, PFL seems poised for exciting developments. But will it be enough to compete in the UFC? Only time will tell.

Did Fury get a gift? Rogan questions controversial Ngannou decision

Joe Rogan believes that Francis Ngannou is crucial for the PFL’s success. Reflecting on Ngannou’s controversial fight against Tyson Fury, Rogan suggested the outcome might have been manipulated.

“I thought he (Francis Ngannou) would win that fight. But, you know, they were setting up that (Oleksandr) Usyk fight. They weren’t going to let it – yeah, it just seemed like the fix was in a little bit,” Rogan speculated on the Joe Rogan Experience.

He continued, “It was close enough that they could pull it off and you go, ‘Okay maybe, maybe you can see (Fury) winning that,’ but I don’t think so. “I thought Francis would do it, a lot of people thought Francis would do it.” Rogan asserts that Ngannou’s presence is vital for the PFL to capture attention and compete with the UFC.

Will Ngannou’s presence be enough to propel the PFL to new heights and rival the UFC? What do you think about Ngannou’s impact on the PFL and the MMA world?

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