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Offer of a French training course in sports

With just a few days to go until the opening of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Campus France has published its new catalogue of French sports training courses. The catalogue includes 580 training courses at 115 institutions, offering 50 sports in 20 areas.

Sports formations catalog

A complete catalogue with easy access to training courses

Campus France published a New catalogue of the offer of French training courses in sports for international studentsThis catalog has been updated to match the year. Paris Olympics and Paralympics 2024 and the results of a rigorous census and related information sorted by field and type of institution.

Sport for training, sport for health and well-being, inclusive sport, competitive sport: this is what many French higher education institutions offer!

This catalogue lists: 580 education courses at universities, CREPS, sports schools and training centers, management schools and more. About 50 sports branches available in 20 fields: law, economics and management, education and training, sports training and performance, sports journalism, management, business and marketing, medicine, biology and health, social sciences and culture. New useful indexYou can access the degrees and specializations page directly. Approved certificates for physical education and practice of 50 sports branches, Students in a 2 and 3 year course (DEJEPS, BTS, DEUST, Licence And Professional license), 5 years (Master, MSc, …), up to PhD and Post-Doc.

A rich offer, adjusted studies, range of opportunities

Top athletes benefit from university education in France To apply their studies in both their sports and their academic courses. The core courses at STAPS (meaning “sciences and techniques of physical activities and sports”) are the richest among universities, and a university physical and sports activities service (SUAPS in French) offers students a variety of sports at all levels, for health and well-being or competition. Whether it is education or sports training, the training takes place in a variety of environments depending on the French region: mountains, coastlines, natural environments and innovative infrastructures.

In addition to the variety of training courses in France, There are many professional opportunities in sports: teacher, coach, organizer, paramedical practitioner, lawyer, tourism professional, fitness professions, journalist, video director and more. Sports are recognized by the French higher education institution as: a vector of integration and inclusivenessInternational students can also: Choose an institution that is “Bienvenue en France” certified The label, with a guarantee of quality of purchase in line with their expectations, can offer training and a framework adjusted to practice various sports and continue their studies at the highest level. Certified institutions evaluate and encourage students’ sports practice by developing a sports-health and sports-leisure offer. Students benefit from areas adapted to the practice of their sports on or near their campuses and have the opportunity to participate in competitions with an institution club. Validation of sports skills is also built into the educational mechanism, with credits taken into account to take the degree exams.

Educational offer in sports: Important names

  • 115 institutions
  • 140 degrees and certificates
  • 175 lessons and 65 options
  • 580 referenced lessons
  • 15 areas
  • 50 sports including athletics, rowing, badminton, cricket, BMX, canoeing, kayaking, canyoning, cycling, golf, triathlon, hockey, judo, jujitsu, motorcycling, swimming, diving, paragliding, rugby union, skating, skateboarding, softball, caving, team sports, equestrian sports, motor sports, water sports, tennis, table tennis, shooting, triathlon, sailing, volleyball, mountain biking, water polo.

See you in France to learn and practice your sport in a higher education institution and in a privileged environment!