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ROUVY tips from age group triathletes – Indoor Cycling

One of the unique elements of using indoor cycling app ROUVY is the ability to ride real routes using the platform without leaving home.

So how effective is cycling the ROUVY for preparing for a real event? We spoke to a few age-group triathletes who use the indoor cycling platform as part of their training for Challenge Roth. They also shared their ideas on how to get the most out of cycling the ROUVY.


Nathalie Houdek: Challenge Roth for the first time
Robrecht Steenhout: Returning to Roth with a mission to get below 12

How similar are the driving routes in ROUVY to the real ones?

Nathalie: “I use ROUVY to prepare for Roth and to get used to the bike course as I have not raced there before. I did the same at Challenge Almere last year and it worked very well. I was able to see and practice the climbs (not so much in the Netherlands though) and the turns. That is why I use ROUVY in the winter after work or on rainy days.”

“The roads (on ROUVY) are the same as in real life. I actually compared the routes there with the ones I’ve driven before and you can’t see any difference.”

ROUVY tips from age group triathletes – Indoor Cycling
Nathalie uses ROUVY to virtually check routes before setting off for real.

Robrecht: “I used the ROUVY to prepare for Roth. It’s very useful to know the climbs and the danger spots. In my upcoming races I always try to ride the ROUVY – or at least parts of it. I’m amazed at how accurate it is. I tested the ROUVY by riding a route indoors and then outdoors (IRONMAN Frankfurt 90km loop) and there was only a 1 minute difference between both rides.”


Best ROUVY routes and exercises

We recently put together our top picks for the best ROUVY workouts to prepare for Challenge Roth, so we wanted to see how those in this Roth-ready age group are using the platform to prepare.

Nathalie: “My favorite exercises on ROUVY are Threshold Stacks, Stairs, and Sweets. Or I use the ‘just ride’ mode.”

“I was doing virtual IRONMAN races during the pandemic and I don’t like funny visuals, so it was great to be able to do world-class rides and climbs with real visuals,” Robrecht said. “ROUVY has some great workouts you can do a few times a week to improve your FTP or increase your endurance.”

“There are some really nice climbs like the Passo Giau in Italy. But my favorite workouts are the races of around 30-40 km.”

How to enjoy driving in ROUVY?

If you’re new to ROUVY, we asked Nathalie and Robert for their top tips for getting the most out of indoor cycling on the platform.

Nathalie: “Take advantage of the fact that ROUVY has recorded routes from all over the world. There are Challenge Family bike courses and more – including routes from La Vuelta and parts of the Tour de France. Riding all these different routes will really help you up your training game!”

Robrecht Steen ROUVY age group avatarRobrecht Steen ROUVY age group avatar
Robrecht’s virtual avatar on ROUVY.

Robrecht: “Make your pain cave attractive. Don’t forget a fan and have a table nearby where you can put your cell phone, drinks, food, etc. And don’t forget the music!”

“Try joining some races or group rides, too. You’ll make friends quickly on Strava after the race.”

Race day ready for the “mother of triathlons”

Finally, we wanted to find out what inspired Nathalie and Robert to put their names on the starting list for Challenge Roth this year.

Nathalie: “I went to Roth last year as a spectator and was immediately impressed and hooked by the atmosphere and vibe of the race venue. Experiencing the race as a spectator was already amazing. But participating as an athlete will take the experience to another level!”

Robrecht: “Roth is the mother of all triathlons in Europe. There are more spectators and participants than residents. In every shop you go into, people support you. You feel welcome everywhere.”

“The atmosphere during the race is truly amazing – you get goosebumps in the Solarer Berg! And of course the finish line is the best in triathlon.”

Inspired by another record-breaking year at Roth and thinking about getting on the start list for next year? Check out five things you need to know about the bike course. Or read our tips on the best ROUVY routes and workouts to get ready.