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Morgan Riddle Is The Chanel-Wearing Tennis WAG Who Raised Wimbledon’s Fashion Game

Indeed, as her profile has grown, she seems to be taking an increasingly professional approach to her public appearances—Morgan worked with a stylist, Emily Essen, to pull together her looks for Wimbledon. “I’m more last-minute at other tournaments, but this week I really needed to get everything together,” she says, noting that when it comes to fashion, she’s drawn to all things “elegant, classy, ​​and super feminine.”

That red and white (make that strawberries and cream) Chanel dress from 2008, discovered in a vintage boutique in Monaco, certainly ticks all those boxes, but in her obligatory #GRWM video, Morgan poses with her manicured hand on her hip, the front zipper open, revealing her tanned cleavage. But, she sighs, “It’s Wimbledon, so…”, quickly closing the zipper up to her neck.

It’s that kind of sly wink (in another clip, as she asks herself, while choosing her outfits, “What will annoy your male fans the most today?”) that suggests Riddle might have the exact qualities that have made her most famous predecessors the media’s undying fascinations: an impeccably groomed appearance, yes, but also a personal hustle, an appetite for publicity and, most importantly, a sense of humor.

Perhaps—dare we say it—a bit of drama? When Riddle called on his Instagram followers to “cheer on the loud ladies” during Fritz’s match against Alexander Zverev, who has denied allegations of domestic violence in the past, tabloid speculation was swift, and was further fueled by a tense exchange between the two players on the net following Fritz’s win. Riddle later deleted his posts, saying they had been misunderstood and adding that “there was no bad blood between anyone.” (I was kindly asked not to bring it up before our conversation.)

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She supports her boyfriend Taylor Fritz, who faces Lorenzo Musetti in the quarter-finals, wearing vintage Chloé clothes.

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