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2024 Chengdu Tianfu Greenway International Cycling Race Concluded Successfully

CHENGDU, CHINA, July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On June 302024 China Chengdu Tianfu Greenway International Cycling Race successfully concluded at Tianfu Olympic Sports Park Chengdu’s Eastern New Area. Professional cyclists and cycling enthusiasts from all over the world competed around Sancha Lake and Danjingtai, showcasing the beauty and vitality of the East. Chengdu With a journey that combines history and modernity, nature and culture.

2And The day’s competition consisted of individual races. The race started and ended at the new campus of Chengdu Sports University. Chengdu’s East New Area. The route went from the north road around Sancha Lake to the west road, then entered the Danjingtai area of ​​Longquanshan City Forest Park via Beiwu Road. Each lap was 44.3 kilometers, and the total length was 133 kilometers in three laps, including two climbing points and two sprint points. A total of 96 athletes from 15 continental teams France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, HollandAnd ChineseParticipated together with the Macau Cycling General Association. The Chengdu Intercontinental Cycling Team, which won first place in the team time trial on the 29th and was honored as the best Chinese team, attracted significant attention from the media and fans.

133 Kilometer Individual Race: 96 Cyclists Show Off Their Skills

Right now 9amThe race officially started at the new campus of Chengdu Sports University. The cyclists passed the second-level climb point in the Danjingtai area three times. Although it was a second-level climb, the last 500 meters were extremely steep and critical to determine the outcome of the race.

The basic order of the race was set during the first climb. Although some riders tried to break away early, the high difficulty of the climb fragmented the main group. The strong climbers quickly moved ahead and formed a lead group of less than 20 riders, then regrouped on the descent. By the end of the first lap, they had established a significant lead over the rest of the field. Li-Ning Star Continental Cycling Team had a numerical advantage and were controlling the race pace.

On the following climbs, the group ahead filtered further, the numbers dwindled and the competition intensified. The race winner was destined to emerge from this group. On the final climb, Raileanu Cristian from the Li-Ning Star Continental Cycling Team showed his climbing skills, took the lead and crossed the finish line alone by a significant margin, winning today’s race. In the subsequent small group sprint, Mudgway Luke from the Li-Ning Star team came in second, while Krijnsen Jolt from the Dutch Valkenburg Parkhotel team came in third.

Rayleanu Cristian won the green jersey for first place in the overall classification and the polka dot jersey as the climbing points leader. Mudgway Luke took the blue jersey as the sprint points leader. Li Boan Bardiani won the white jersey as the best Chinese cyclist from the CSF Faizanè team.

The Sancha Lake/Danjingtai course in the East New Area was a significant challenge for all participants, with more than 1,100 metres of elevation gain and climbs of around 20 degrees. Even professional cyclists found it difficult. “The toughest part of today’s race was the three climbs, and the hot weather added to the difficulty,” recalled Raileanu Cristian of the Li-Ning Star Continental Cycling Team. He praised the race organisation and atmosphere, saying: “I love it ChineseAnd Chengdu “My favorite place.”

The city greenway, Sancha Lake and Longquanshan are also popular with local cyclists. Ms Li, who participated in the group ride, said: “We ride the city greenway in Chengdu every week, and Longquanshan is our best choice for climbing training. We often organize group rides to challenge this route. I am grateful to the organisers for giving us the opportunity to ride with many European and local professional teams.”

With a water area of ​​27 square kilometers, Lake Sancha is famous for its extraordinary ecological environment and is often referred to as “Maldives related to Chengdu“Located in the East New Area, Danjingtai is the flagship project of Longquanshan City Forest Park and a national 4A tourist attraction with rich natural landscapes such as starry sky, sunrise, forests and ecological resources. In addition to various attractions such as Danjingtai Pavilion, open-air expansion bases, stargazing campsites and “Eye of the City” observatory, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Sancha Lake during the day and the starry sky at night. This exemplifies the organic growth of the city. Chengdu’s East New Area and central urban area. Longquanshan City Forest Park combines ecological protection with value transformation, develops the “Tianfu Longquanshan” activity brand, and forms the “forest + green road + sports” green development model.

Miss Wang, a Chengdu The resident, who joined his friends in today’s group ride, was very excited after finishing. “I have only been cycling for less than six months. I used to spend time with my cycling friends in Longquanshan because of its beautiful scenery and excellent ecological environment. There are many cyclists Chengduand the cycling atmosphere is great, so I gradually started cycling,” he said. “This race not only featured professional cyclists from Europe and China, allowing fans to watch closely and feel the intensity of professional racing, but also gave amateur cycling enthusiasts a stage to perform. Chengdu “It just keeps getting better.”

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