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Hyderabad Cricket Association Appoints First Female Groundskeeper

In a groundbreaking move, Praneesha Gorentla has written her name in history as the first woman curator of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA). This major milestone came when she received the official appointment letter as assistant curator from HCA secretary R Devraj.

Hyderabad Cricket Association Appoints First Female Groundskeeper
Hyderabad Cricket Association Appoints First Female Groundskeeper

Expressing her delight at the career-defining opportunity, Praneesha, 29, highlighted her ambition to become a certified curator under the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). “It’s a huge boost to my career,” she said, recounting her journey from being a talented all-rounder in Hyderabad’s senior team to her current role.

After an ankle injury ended her cricket career in early 2017, Praneesha’s love for the sport remained undiminished. “The injury was disappointing, but it ignited my desire to become a curator,” she explained. This motivated her to learn about field preparation through online resources like the Mumbai Cricket Association’s website.

With the support of his father, Gorentla set up a turf pitch by renting a plot of land in Warangal. The initiative aimed to provide local youth with an opportunity to play on high-quality pitches before reaching Hyderabad. Despite initial difficulties in finding the perfect pitch composition, he successfully managed a few matches. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced his plans to be halted.

His return to Hyderabad after his parents’ transfer paved the way for him to join the HCA ground staff. His dedication did not go unnoticed as former India cricket captain Purnima Rau and others recommended him to the HCA authorities. This support, along with the support of senior figures like Jagan Mohan Rao, led to his induction into the association early this year.

Praneesha acknowledges the guidance of experienced curator YL Chandrasekhar in deepening her understanding of pitch preparation and outfield maintenance. Her participation in major events including the India-England first Test at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium and IPL matches highlights her growing impact on the field.

Jagan Mohan Rao praised Praneesha’s dedication and work ethic, highlighting her positive impact on the team. “She is very caring and I like her hard-working attitude,” he stated.

As Praneesha Gorentla continues to progress in her career, she is emerging as a pioneer in cricket administration, breaking down gender barriers and inspiring future generations in the process.