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Nismo chooses rFpro for DIL simulation

Nissan’s motorsport division Nismo has selected rFpro as its provider of drive-in-the-loop (DIL) simulation software for the development of race cars in its racing programmes including Super GT.

rFpro is an engineering-grade simulation environment designed for the automotive and motorsport industries. At the heart of its software is TerrainServer, a high-resolution road surface model created using lidar scan data. This model is designed to capture surface detail with horizontal accuracy of 1 cm and vertical accuracy of 1 mm, providing a high correlation with real track road surfaces.

This makes it possible to accurately simulate vehicle dynamics, driving and secondary driving experiments in real time in DIL simulators.

“We chose rFpro because her High-quality graphics and engineering-grade track models are key elements for LANGUAGE simulation for “Vehicle development and driver immersion,” said Motohiro Matsumura, Nismo.

With increasing reliance on common components and balance of performance tuning across some series, optimising vehicle configuration has become a key performance differentiator. And with the restrictions on track testing, simulation plays a key role in enabling motorsport teams to improve their development and tuning processes.

rFpro“The high-resolution road surface model provides drivers with critical tire contact patch feedback,” Matsumura continued. “This allows our engineering department to deliver more accurate performanceforMore honorable mentions and driving ability ratings from drivers than would otherwise be possible. One of the main reasons for our selection rFpro because HD road surface, Nismo’s “Stringing standards.”

In addition to ensuring geometric precision, rFpro’s art team strived to make each digital model aesthetically realistic. This higher level of immersion is designed to make drivers react and drive as they would on the real track.

“Since the day they adopted it, our drivers have rFpro“The graphics and high-resolution road surface are very close to reality, and eye fatigue has been significantly reduced,” Matsumura said.