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Doug Wharam of the Nashville Aquatics Club on Coaching the Walsh Sisters

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Doug Wharam is the associate head coach and senior coordinator for the Nashville Aquatics Club in Nashville, Tennessee. This is Wharam’s Alex Walsh And Gretchen Walsh When they were 13 and 11, and he coached them through high school, Wharam shares heartwarming anecdotes about how different the two were as sisters and how they thrived in the pool.

  • 0:00 Doug Wharam Introduction
  • 1:22 Walsh Sisters Join 2024 Olympic Team
  • 4:55 My First Time Coaching the Walsh Sisters
  • 6:18 Alex and Gretchen’s First Memories
  • 9:27 Alex’s Consistency
  • 11:31 Gretchen’s Physical/Mental Advantages
  • 12:46 Alex’s Versatility
  • 15:56 Who Will Win in 200 IM SCM: Alex or Gretchen?
  • 17:55 Alex’s 4th Run in the World Cup
  • 20:56 Lessons I Learned As Alex’s Coach
  • 23:24 Lessons Learned as Gretchen’s Coach
  • 25:26 Walsh Parents
  • 28:44 Solo Education
  • 30:51 Relationship Now
  • 34:24 Celebrating Small Successes

Music: Otis McDonald