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Like the 2024 Olympics, But With Good Growth Hormones

In the corner Christian Angermayer’s London office is a long, ergonomically designed sleeping cabin that overlooks the skull of an ancient saber-toothed cat. Angermayer hasn’t tried it yet—he’s new and traveling—but he supports the idea. “I’m really obsessed with sleep,” he says. Like many ultra-rich people, he spends a lot of money on things designed to optimize and extend life. But Angermayer, a biotech entrepreneur, has turned that passion into an investment thesis like no other. Through his family office, Apeiron Investment Group, he’s backed startups like longevity science, brain computer chips, and mushroom therapy.

His latest venture is his most daring: the Enhanced Games, an alternative to the Olympics where athletes will compete in 10 events, from sprinting to weightlifting to a yet-to-be-determined combat sport, and proudly take growth hormones, anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. No date or venue has yet been set for the competition, but its initial funding was announced earlier this year, drawing about $10 million in capital from Angermayer’s friend Peter Thiel and other investors, as well as some scathing criticism. “Someone is going to die,” said Kieren Perkins, a former Olympian who now heads Australia’s sports commission.