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All the Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer: Corn Edition

You probably know the song “School’s Out For The Summer, School’s Out Forever” by Alice Cooper. It’s probably every kid’s anthem this summer, but we can’t say the same for their parents.

Schools are out and about, which means parents need to find ways to keep their kids occupied. Well, we’re here for you. Here’s our own list of the coolest summer camps and activities in Egypt that your kids can enjoy:

Almaza Bay Camp By Les Elfes

From soccer to kayaking, paddle boarding to archery and daily movie nights, nothing screams “summer fun” more than Almaza Bay’s annual camp. The camp is back for its 8th season and promises exciting beach fun like treasure hunts, beach barbecues and even bonfires.

Children aged 7 to 14 can attend the first session (July 21-25), second session (July 28-August 1) or third session (August 4-8) of the annual Almaza Bay camp organised by Swiss camp specialists Les Elfes International. Call 16160 to book a place.

Egypt in its right mind

Introducing Egypt’s Sane, an alternative learning space that runs fantastic summer camps every year to help stimulate the manual side of your children. This summer, they’re going to El Gouna and offering a huge collection of activities.

From cupcake decorating, jewelry making, and puppet making to canvas painting and coaster making, this is the ultimate arts and crafts extravaganza. The camp runs from July 14 to August 1, and you can DM your kids on Instagram to reserve a spot.

Surf Camp Egypt

If your kids aren’t interested in arts, crafts, or sports and would rather ride the waves, then head to Egypt’s Surf. You can find Egypt’s Surf Camp in both Hacienda Red and Hacienda White. From mastering the pop-up on the sandy beach to getting their balance just right, kids will learn all the basics needed to surf some big waves.

You can reserve a spot for your children by sending a DM to Surf Camp Egypt on Instagram. Don’t forget to include your child’s name, age, number of sessions, mobile phone number and email. You need to make a reservation two days in advance.

Sliders Cable and Water Parks

For those looking for adventure and excitement, there’s nothing better than unleashing your daring side and trying out wakeboarding. Your kids can learn to master the sport by heading to El Gouna’s Sliders Cable. There, they’ll learn to slide across the water, effortlessly glide down water ramps and perform crazy tricks.

To give your kids that much-needed dose of water sports, you can reserve a spot by sending them a DM on their Instagram page.


Not only known as a cool summer vacation spot in Cairo, Il Campo offers some crazy fun experiences for kids. One of the coolest activities for kids to try is the specially crafted ropes course with 18 exciting levels. Kids will climb, jump and navigate their way through an intricate ropes course.

They can also try many other activities such as pottery, water fights and garden fun. You can also take your children with you to Il Campo, which is open from 14:00 to 00:00.

Beyond that, your kids can also experience the upcoming week-long summer camps at La Hacienda Ras Sudr. Book a place by sending them a Whatsapp message at +201093455959.

Island Adventure Party

This summer, kids can expect an adventure like no other at North Coast’s D-bay. A day full of activities is planned for July 26, including treasure hunts, T-shirt making, cookie making, face painting, sand painting and much more.

To reserve a place, download Kidzapp and reserve a place for your children. Ages allowed: 1-10.

Pro Tip: Downloading Kidzapp can actually be quite useful as it will give you access to all the upcoming kid-friendly activities near your location. This way, you can mark your entire summer calendar to keep the young ones entertained and give them that much-needed rest throughout the summer.

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