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Wimbledon 2024 LIVE: Tennis scores and updates as Djokovic v De Minaur cancelled ahead of Fritz v Musetti

Djokovic accuses Wimbledon crowd of ‘disrespect’ after Rune victory

Alex De Minaur has been forced to withdraw from Wimbledon ahead of his quarter-final against Novak Djokovic due to injury.

De Minaur, the boyfriend of British No. 1 Katie Boulter, continued the issue at the end of his fourth-round victory over Arthur Fils on Monday. The ninth seed shrugged off the scare as he nodded towards his box on Court One, but shortly after midday on the day of his scheduled Centre Court clash with Djokovic, De Minaur withdrew from the Championships.

“Obviously it wasn’t an announcement I wanted to make,” De Minaur said. “Yes, I’m devastated but I had to withdraw because of my hip injury. I felt a loud crack in the last three points of the match against Fils and I had a scan yesterday. It confirmed that it was an injury and that there was a high risk of it getting worse if I stepped on the court.

Djokovic’s return to Wimbledon had been eagerly anticipated after he criticised the Centre Court crowd following his previous match. He lashed out at the crowd for booing him during his victory over Holger Rune, with tennis legend John McEnroe later backing the Serb’s position.

In the other men’s singles quarterfinal, Taylor Fritz will face Lorenzo Musetti on Court 1, while the women’s semifinals have been decided: 2022 champion Elena Rybakina will face Barbora Krejcikova after beating Elina Svitolina in straight sets on Centre Court. Krejcikova, a former French Open champion, will beat Jelena Ostapenko, while the other semifinal will feature first-time Wimbledon semifinalists Jasmine Paolini and Donna Vekic.

Follow the latest scores and match updates from Wimbledon below:


Alex de Minaur withdraws from Wimbledon ahead of quarter-final against Novak Djokovic

The Australian No. 1, who is having the best season of his career, was injured in a match point loss against Arthur Fils in his fourth-round match on Monday.

De Minaur’s personality changed immediately and although he downplayed his hip injury in a subsequent press conference, it was confirmed at midday on Wednesday that he had withdrawn from the squad.

Djokovic, a seven-time Wimbledon champion, will now face either Taylor Fritz or Lorenzo Musetti in the semifinals on Friday.

Luke BakerJuly 10, 2024 12:36


Wimbledon 2024: Taylor Fritz 6-3 6-7 0-1 Lorenzo Musetti* – SEARCH!

Musetti has a very aggressive start to the third against Fritz serves, taking an early look at 0-30 after an effective backhand slice.

Fritz cuts the net cord on the forehand and this two breaking points For the Italian. Fritz comes to the net… but Musetti finds the pass with a forehand shot!

Taking a break to start the third!

Jamie BraidwoodJuly 10, 2024 17:08


Wimbledon 2024: Taylor Fritz 6-3 6-7 Lorenzo Musetti – READY!

Big move from Musetti. We could be in it for the long haul here, which would be music to Novak Djokovic’s ears.

(Getty Images)

Jamie BraidwoodJuly 10, 2024 17:05


Wimbledon 2024: Taylor Fritz 6-3 6-7 Lorenzo Musetti – READY!

A wonderful diagonal backhand pass from Musetti! Fritz takes him out of the game; the American should have had that point at the net. 0-1.

Musetti now looks to have cut the inside tramline with his backhand, but Fritz counters… BREAKING NEWS! 0-2, mini-break.

Hard ace on the T! 1-2.

A terrific serve from Musetti and Fritz’s return finally hits high and… short. 1-3.

The Italian sends Fritz into the corner with a forehand shot. 1-4, a real victory for Musetti.

Fritz’s accurate serve and Musetti’s return fall short. The score changes and is 2-4.

Fritz narrows the gap to 3-4, then Musetti widens the gap when the American misses a lob.

Three set points for Musetti at 3-6, long shots from Fritz…

But now Fritz saves a set point winner with a backhand down the line! 4-6. Musetti protests but to no avail.

Another set point saved Musetti’s missed ball 5-6…

DON’T MISS THIS TIME! Musetti’s serve forces Fritz to make a mistake! Musetti got the set!

(Getty Images)

Alex PattleJuly 10, 2024 16:57


Wimbledon 2024: Taylor Fritz 6-3 6-6 Lorenzo Musetti*

Fritz hits the ball long for the first point in this match, but then he goes beautifully into the net and scores a comfortable shot to make it 15-15.

Musetti sends a forehand shot into the net. 30-15.

Musetti’s comeback takes a long time and this is a 40-15 result.

Fritz holds and It will end in a draw.

Alex PattleJuly 10, 2024 16:53


Wimbledon 2024: Taylor Fritz* 6-3 5-6 Lorenzo Musetti

Fritz returns serve twice in a row. 30-0.

The American gets a point back but this time makes a long return. 40-15.

Musetti holds. Fritz serves again to continue the set.

Alex PattleJuly 10, 2024 16:49


Wimbledon 2024: Taylor Fritz 6-3 5-5 Lorenzo Musetti*

Musetti slices a forehand return long. 15-0.

The Italian has nice court craftsmanship at this point and prepares the victory with a beautiful volley. 15-15.

The two level the game at 30-30 before Musetti shows off some great tennis to earn a break point!

And with that, a set point… but the serve return takes a long time. Deuce. The setpoint is saved.

And better serves, plus an aggressive forehand, allow Fritz to have a critical hold on his serve!

Alex PattleJuly 10, 2024 16:47


Wimbledon 2024: Taylor Fritz* 6-3 4-5 Lorenzo Musetti

A double fault by Musetti gives Fritz the chance to run back at 0-30…

And Fritz scores three break points with a magnificent backhand pass! Perfect placement. 0-40.

A high backhand volley shot into an open area, Instant comeback for Fritz! Wow…

Alex PattleJuly 10, 2024 16:40


Wimbledon 2024: Taylor Fritz* 6-3 3-5 Lorenzo Musetti*

Fritz’s backhand goes just wide. 0-15.

Ooh! Now the American hits a high forehand shot and sends the ball into the net. 0-30.

Now it’s a really important point… and Fritz wins it when Musetti hits a forehand into the net. 30-15.

This time the Italian tries the same return but hits it long. 30-30.

OH! Fritz’s tweener goes badly wrong, sending the ball wide and Musetti gets a break point at 3-4!

AND HE GOT IT! While Fritz shouts with disappointment, Musetti shouts with a completely different emotion!

Alex PattleJuly 10, 2024 16:38


Wimbledon 2024: Taylor Fritz* 6-3 3-4 Lorenzo Musetti

Fritz sends a backhand shot into the net. 15-0.

30-0, Musetti hits a drop shot into the net after his powerful serve.

Fritz’s long shot brings the Italian lead to 40-0.

And Musetti completes her hold on love.

(Getty Images)

Alex PattleJuly 10, 2024 16:33