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UFC PI fight story is FAKE; Manel Kape pays respect to ‘Muslim brother’ Mohammed Mokaev ahead of UFC 304 – FirstSportz

Truth and trash talk don’t usually go together. Fighters use made-up facts and anecdotes to sell a fight. Flyweight star Manuel Kap recently revealed the facts about her alleged altercation Mohammed MokaevThe reported incident did not result in a disaster as initially claimed.

The MMA community was abuzz with reports of a physical altercation between Manel Kape and Muhammad Mokaev. The story painted a picture of a brutal attack filled with elbows and headbutts. However, Kape debunked the entire story, explaining that such an altercation never took place in a chat. Jake Noecker.

Just spoke with Manel Kape who tells me that there was NO physical altercation with Muhammad Mokaev outside of the UFC PI. Kape also went on to say that Mokaev is his “Muslim brother” and there is nothing but respect leading up to their fight at #UFC304 on July 27th in Manchester.

via Jake Noecker X

Kape’s teammate, Jean SilvaHe claimed that “Starboy” attacked Muhammad Mokaev outside the gym and split his forehead open. However, Kape was not offended by Silva telling the story. The flyweight star praised his teammate’s promotional skills, calling him a “good promoter.”

Mokaev and Kape will square off against each other at UFC 304. This fight will bring the winner closer to a title shot. Alexandre PantojaKape is on a four-fight winning streak and has notched his latest win so far Felipe Dos Santos. On the other hand, Muhammad Mokaev is still undefeated. His last win Alex Perez In March of this year.

Manel Kape believes he is the ‘biggest test’ for Mohammad Mokaev

Trash talk is common in the UFC. Even without bad blood, it’s a necessary part of promoting a fight. Enter Manel Kape, a Portuguese powerhouse with a penchant for provocative statements. He has his sights set on the unbeaten Muhammad Mokaev.

Manel Kape believes he is the biggest testManel Kape believes he is the biggest test
Manel Kape believes he is the ultimate test (via BJ Penn)

The two will face off at UFC 304 in Manchester, England. It’s a fight that’s been brewing for months. Kape recently declared himself Mokaev’s ultimate test. That’s a bold claim, considering Mokaev’s impressive 6-0 UFC record. As such, “Starboy” sees flaws in Mokaev’s game that he’s eager to exploit.

He wanted a bigger test; I’m the biggest test of this division, so there you go, you ask for something they deliver… I can’t say he impressed me because it’s difficult very for someone to impress me, but he’s doing well.

Manel Kape via InsideFighting

Kape acknowledged Mokaev’s solid technique but said it lacked depth. The Portuguese fighter believes there is a difference between “perfect” and “championship material.” In his opinion, Mokaev falls short of the latter. There is no such animosity between Mokaev and Kape. Recently, Kape converted to Islam and called Mokaev “my Muslim brother.” But to liven up a fight and create excitement, some fighting words are necessary.

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