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Laramie Senior Baseball All-Stars Ready for State (VIDEO)

It’s all-star baseball time for Laramie Youth Baseball. The Junior-Senior all-stars begin action Wednesday at the Wyoming Little League Baseball Seniors State Tournament in Mountain View, WY. They start with two pool games and then move on to a seven-team, single-elimination bracket on Friday and Saturday.

Laramie has 12 players from its league coming together to compete over the next four days, with Eric Zimmerman as manager and Mike Gonzalez and Ron Enokson as backs.

The cast includes Josiah Bateman, Cody Elliot, Isaac Gonzalez, David Guinn, Wesley Holbert, Liam Lotzer, Andreas Lujan, Andrew McKinney, Beau Schmalz, Jackson Scott, Jeter Tinney, and Cole Zimmerman.

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Coach Zimmerman said they went through intensive training to prepare for the tournament.

“Once we got together as a team, we hit the ground running as best we could. We played a lot of team defense and we’re trying to make that work. Fortunately, these guys played a lot, but this was their first time playing together as a team, so it was just a matter of working on those team defense drills and getting them used to playing with each other.”

KOWB’s David Settle spoke with Andrew McKinney and David Guinn to ask their thoughts on the team and their expectations for the state tournament.

The key for them will be to control the things we can control, Zimmerman added.

“That means innings, opportunities for kids, making sure we don’t overwork kids in situations and then just hoping for the best. I think they’ll go out (to the state tournament) and have their best opportunity to play their best game, but I’m more concerned about what we’re going to do for them and making sure that we’re putting the right kids in the right places as managers and not making bad plays or bad decisions.”

Laramie begins pool play today at noon against Rawlins. They play Kemmerer on Thursday at 3 p.m. The seven teams will be placed in the bracket based on win-loss record, head-to-head bracket results and runs allowed. Other teams in the tournament are Bridger Valley, Douglas, Pinedale and Rock Springs.

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