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Centuries from Metcalfe and Garton line up victory for Harrogate Women

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Looking at the fixtures for Sunday’s match, there were a few potential places I could travel to… My first choice was the Hambleton Women’s Outdoor Soft Top League (West) match between Ouseburn and Ripon.

However, as I prepared to depart, I was disappointed to learn that Ripon had lost their match and the points had gone to Ouseburn.

Return to St George’s Road

My second choice was the fixture between Harrogate and Skipton. Although I had previously Harrogate a few weeks agoI’ve never had the chance to see Skipton play, so it was a great opportunity for me to do this.

As I headed towards St. George’s Road I kept a close eye on the rather ominous looking dark clouds that had formed an almost suffocating blanket over the town. Any games being played in the area were almost certainly going to be disrupted at some point.

A win for Skipton would see them overtake the home side in West Yorkshire League One, while a win for Harrogate would see them stay on pace with the top two teams, Crossflatts and North Leeds.

Harrogate elected to bat on the points won by the toss and aimed to make a good total and defend.

This plan got off to a bad start in the second over when captain Louisa Hill, in an uncharacteristic defensive play, sent the ball back to bowler Millie Thompson Barker, who snatched the ball and took her first wicket of the match.

Metcalfe and Garton show

This early dismissal meant the new partnership between Tijana Metcalfe and Holly Garton came onto the scene, and what a partnership it turned out to be.

Over the next 23 overs, the duo hit a total of 40 fours and two sixes; by the time both wickets fell, Tijana had scored 105 off 93 balls and Holly had scored 120 off 76 balls.

You haven’t seen a better two hundred this weekend!

The home side scored 286 for 5 wickets in their allotted 30 overs, a challenging total that would require a Herculean effort from the visitors to even come close to that tally.

By this point the teams had been out several times by a few determined downpours and as Skipton prepared to take to the field and begin the chase, more wet stuff threatened to disrupt the second innings.

There were a few conversations with the referees asking how the rain delay would affect the game, but it turned out that the heavy rain forecast for 4pm was a bit of a let down…pun intended…the restart was only a few minutes late.

With Skipton losing a wicket on the first ball of the innings, Harrogate were in danger of ending the game in a hurry.

But the away side were not going to allow that to happen, with Becca Gibbons and Georgia Jennings holding their own against some excellent bowling from Eleanpr Adrian-Horrocks and Lilah Marsden.

Despite holding off the Harrogate attack, Skipton were struggling to score and fell behind rapidly in run rate.

Skipton skipper Holly Brennan looked quite confident with the bat and was in for a real surprise when Kiran Sahota was caught in front of the ball after scoring 19 off 30 deliveries.

A run of wickets brought the home team to the brink of victory. When the wicket of Saffron Ellis was taken (she had made 13 runs off 35 deliveries), the outcome was beyond doubt.

When the last wicket fell, Harrogate were winning by 208 runs, while the away team were restricted to just 78 runs.

The match was actually a one-sided affair, but saying that wouldn’t tell the whole story.

There were some good battles between the bowlers and batsmen, the on-field performances were excellent and both young teams are gaining experience in the A-team league.

In my last report a Harrogate Women’s match against MenstonI mentioned what a great cast they have, and this performance supports that notion.

This team has strength in depth and each player continues to show how good they are.

Skipton are also a young team and despite struggling against the home side, they displayed great team play throughout the match.

Becca Gibbons, Georgia Jennings, Saffron Ellis, Mila Feeney and Holly Brennan all showed flashes of excellent batting technique and perhaps on another day they would have scored more runs.

I definitely believe I will expect more from the visitors and will try to watch one more game of theirs before the season ends to learn more about them.

Harrogate continued their pressure on the two teams above them with this win, with Crossflatts winning their match against Cricademia Academy by 119 points, while North Leeds lost their match against Bradford Park Avenue by seven wickets.

Next week, Harrogate visit Menston and Skipton host Bradford Park Avenue.


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