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Mahamed Aly Returns to BJJ for Craig Jones Invitational Tournament

Mahamed Aly is the latest competitor to enter the Craig Jones Invitational in the 80kg and up division. Aly has been a great addition to the roster as he has won some of the biggest tournaments in the BJJ world over the years, including both an IBJJF World Championship and an IBJJF No Gi World Championship title. He is also known as one of the most exciting competitors in the heavier weight classes and is a two-time ADCC veteran. Fans will no doubt be eager to see him back in action as he has not competed in professional wrestling since the 2021 IBJJF Grand Prix.

Since then, he’s been on a bit of a different path, as Aly spent years honing his combat sports skills before embarking on his MMA career. During that time, Aly had one kickboxing match, but struggled to find an amateur MMA opponent due to his fearsome grappling resume. Aly eventually decided to skip that stage of his career and jump right into professional MMA, winning his first match by knockout earlier this year. He’s already taken another first round knockout, and is now 2-0 in professional MMA, awaiting his next fight.

Now Mahamed Aly will return to wrestling after a 3-year hiatus and will join the incredible roster of the Craig Jones Invitational. Of course, it is a great opportunity for Aly, as he will compete for the biggest prize in the history of the sport. Not only will he earn $10,001 for participating in the tournament, but he will also have the opportunity to win the million-dollar grand prize. Exciting rematches and interesting new opponents await Aly in the tournament, and one thing is for sure, he will leave everything on the mat in every match.

Craig Jones Invitational announced that Mahamed Aly will participate in the over 80 kg category via a post on his official Instagram account: